Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life With Lucy: The Little Things that Make it Worth It

Having a service dog in training is more than just the long hours of exercises and daily exposure to public environments.

"Mommy! She can't bring a dog in here!" is what I often hear children say as I walk into Target or the grocery store.
"That's a special dog," mothers say.
"Well, my dog is special! I want to bring him in here too!"

Training my own service dog is exhausting, and at times I've really just wanted to give up. When I see a child's first exposure to Lucy, it's one of those the little moments make me smile and say I'm thankful for Lucy despite the daunting responsibility. I want my partnership with Lucy to be a chance to teach children about the uniqueness of service animals as well as help them learn to appreciate and understand people with disabilities as people just like themselves.

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