Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hi everybody!

This is my first post on my SHINY NEW BLOG
about autism and service dogs and just special needs related stuff in general. I’m really interested in becoming an advocate for children with disabilities and their families, especially those with autism spectrum disorders as well as getting the word out about the benefits of service dogs for those with disabilities, so feel free to become a follower if you want to learn more about autism, service dogs, or just keep up with my service dog, Lucy!

Lucy is in the middle of learning to ride escalators, climb stairs and avoid distractions in her environment. The trainers and I purposely set up distracting situations by throwing a tennis ball down a busy hallway and she has to lay down and not chase it. She tried to learn to go through a revolving door yesterday, but she was too big so I don’t think we are going to teach her that, although some service dogs do know how to do them! Pretty cool, huh?

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