Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let It Snow!

Hi! Hope everyone had a great turkey day with friends and family! Lucy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Big news, today Lucy is officially eleven months old! She's getting bigger by the minute! She is doing great with her training. Recently she has been focusing on learning to sit up straight instead of leaning on things when she sits, because that will be bad for her hips as she gets older and it doesn't look all that great for a service dog to be leaning on something every time she sits either.

Also, Old  Man Winter has DEFINITELY come to Bloomington! This morning, I took Lucy outside for her customary walk and potty break, and tiny little white specks were falling and the grass and sidewalks were dusted!

I don't think Lucy knew what to say about having to do her business in the snow. She more or less wanted to eat it. I doubt she has ever seen snow before, at least not that she will remember. She was born on New Year's Day of this year and I've slept since then, so I don't remember if it snowed.

Today, we were eating lunch and two people walked over and talked to us about where Lucy gets her training from and what a dog can do to assist someone with a learning disability and high functioning autism. One of the best parts about  having Lucy as my service dog is that we get the opportunity to teach the public things regarding disability awareness that they otherwise may not have found out about like the fact that a dog can be trained to assist with not just classical autism but high functioning autism and learning disabilities, too.  We get to open people's minds to the many new possibilities that service dogs can offer, not just for those with physical disabilities or visual impairments, but all sorts of disabilities.

High Functioning Autism and learning disabilities are just the start of what Lucy and I hope to accomplish together. If people see  more people with less visible disabilities using service dogs like me and Lucy, the perhaps the idea of service dogs for individuals with invisible disabilities will continue to become more widely accepted.

Stay Warm!
-Adria and Lucy

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